Is marriage obsolete?

We are all human, we all have two legs and two arms, we all have one heart and one brain. The same anatomy, and yet we are all different. Different hair color, eyes, skin color, birthmarks, etc. Some people define themselves by those markers that differentiate us, which is wrong. No human is better, smarter or prettier than another one because of his or her body features. If everyone looked on the inside instead of the outside, the world would be a lot better and happier. What makes us unique is what we think and feel.

Everyone has a different opinion on marriage these days. The world has changed a lot and today's headaches involving a legal contract with another person is much more complicated than say a hundred years ago. That's why the question we ask ourselves more frequently today is whether or not marriage is obsolete.

In my opinion, the most important fact that we need to consider is whether we are religious or not. There are three types of people: the ones that are religious, the ones that say they are in front of people but aren't really religious and the ones that aren't.

Religious people view marriage differently, depending on which religion they believe in. For example:

  • Christians believe that marriage is “a gift from God”, which should not be taken for granted. And in order to have a family or sexual relations, one needs to declare his or her commitment to the other person in front of God.
  • In Islam marriage is viewed as a contract between the man and the woman or her guardian (wali). A man can have no more than four legal wives at a time. The only condition is that the man divides his wealth and time equally between the wives.
  • Judaistic marriage is based on the Torah's laws. It's a bond sealed with a contract (Kiddushin) in which the spouses declare to be exclusive to one another. It is believed that they are two souls merging into one.
  • Hinduism views marriage as a sacred duty that requires social and religious obligations.

People who say they are religious just to “belong” to that social group tend to follow the group's customs involving marriage. Meaning they would do what's “popular” or expected in the culture they want to belong even though they don't share their religious views. Those people just want to belong.

People who aren't religious or have no opinion on the matter have different views. To them, marriage is about certain privileges like companionship, shared expenses, love, and mutual support.

In today's world, there are many disadvantages to marriage and many people prefer not to take that road, it depends on where you live and what your personal views are. To me, companionship with the person you love can be beautiful, but you don't have to prove it by sealing it with a contract. While it's not completely obsolete we are getting closer to the times where marriage won't matter to the majority of the human race.